Equipment Manual


Equipment Manual

Your Viking, his father and his sons came from the rugged coast line and fiords of Norway, and lived during the romantic years between 800 and 1100 AD. Many Historians claim that during their time they were the world’s most influential people.

      And what men they were; tremendously brave, rugged individuals, excellent farmers, family provider and natural sailors. Their rapid development as a people was characterized by total dedication to and enthusiasm for everything they undertook . . . whether it be development of their alphabet by studying the earlier Greeks and Romans, or establishing the most profitable trade routes throughout the existing world. By land and sea . . . everywhere they went they observed and learned, and brought home and used the best ideas.

      In being efficient, bold, practical and a believer in the democratic way of life for his Viking people (there was little if any crime by Vikings against Vikings) you might almost say he was quite civilized . . ALMOST—, but not quite as we know civilized to be today, as your Viking was also a reckless, wild warrior . . . a raider and pirate, stealing that which he could not obtain by trading.

      The Vikings traveled, traded and fought for two reasons: First, when the harvest was done they built their ships from the abundant forests on their land and set sail to trade their grain for gold . . . their furs for honey or fine silks. As much of Europe was disorganized and relatively defenseless during their time they usually got what they wanted . . . by fair trade or in the absence of this by plunder and raid.

      As their number grew and their homeland became crowded they marched, rode horses or sailed to even more distant lands . . . many Vikings to trade or raid, others with their families to start new homes and colonies. Before the year 1000 many wandered as far West as Greenland and settled there. They are believed to have sailed to the area now known as Cape Cod in Massachusetts and probably would have settled there too, except for the most unpleasant reception they received from people known as American Indians.

      Not known to have engaged in large scale wars in conquest of land, their devastation was through lightning like raids . . . on land by foot or horse, or by sea in their colorful dragon prowed ships.

      Imagine if you will what a sight is might have been; perhaps seven ships by sea, or 700 Vikings by horse storming the shores or fields of some majestic English or French castle in search of bounty . . . only to be met by Noble Knights in rigid defense.

      For the action packed history to come alive for you we suggest that you obtain the companion sized “Noble Knight” figures for this Series. Complete with armor and accessories they too, will let you relive the excitement of a colorful people who lived long ago.


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