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From 1972 Equipment Manual

SAM COBRA has been completely outfitted. Everything necessary for his life on the western range! Follow the directions for assembling the equipment.


From 1974 Equipment Manual

SAM COBRA is typical of the outlaws and gunfighters of the Western Range. Some of these men were driven outside the law by pressures and losses after the Civil War. A lot of these men went outside the law because they found it easier than working for a living. Con-men, gamblers, and gunfighters usually were found in the cities and towns because that was where the poeple and banks were. Whether ehey were specialists or not, bank robbers, train robbers, con-men and gunfighters generally got their just end.


From 1975 Equipment Manual

To make your Sam Cobra the fastest gunfighter in the West, holster his gun in the "Quick Draw" holster and press the lever on his back, down as shown. Each time the lever is pressed, a "Gun Shot" noise will be heard.


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