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From 1960's Equipment Manual

Johnny West has been completely outfitted with the equipment and clothing listed. Everything necessary for his life on the western range! Follow the diretions for assembling the equipment, then have fun outfitting Johnny West with his various outfits.


From 1974 Equipment Manual

Johnny West is typical of a cowboy and drover of the western range. Originating in Texas, the image of the cowboy was carried from the Vaqueros of Mexico to the saloons and dance halls of Dodge City. He was a man with quick reflexes, hard working, hard playing, and independent, whose only worthy posessions were a gun, a saddle, and a horse. He was strictly a horseman and would refuse to walk, even for a short distance. He was choosy about jobs and regarded himself as a cavalier rather than a laborer. Often described only as a man with guts and a horse.


From 1975 Equipment Manual

To make your Johnny West the fastest gunfighter in the West, holster his gun in the "Quick Draw" holster and press the lever on his back, down as shown. Each time the lever is pressed, a "Gun Shot" noise will be heard.


The "Mod" box has the same side and top panel design as the "Campfire" box.


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